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Surfing Morocco 2014-2015


drying wetsuits

empty room at waffasurf surfcampThis year surf season in Morocco starts to end. Couple of more days and then fini. We clean up the house, or we actually have done it pretty much. We remove all the wax from the surf boards, we gonna remove all the leashes.We wash all the wetsuits and we gonna fix broken parts of the boards. Somewhere between we drink some tea and then we keep going. We put away Bohnanza, we put new strings on our guitar, we unplug fridges, store the plates with knives and forks. We drink our last beer and then we hit the road to look for new surf spots.stored away surfboards in a surf camps basement

But don’t you worry, we come back in November to start a new bestest and coolest surf camp season and if you cant wait until November, then we are super happy to announce that the best 2015 surf summer starts at the end of May in Seignosse, Le Penon, France. With sunsets on the beach, dancing all night in the clubs, volleyball matches, six o’clock surfing, longboarding around the town, concerts and festivals, new people to meet in our surf camp, new friends to make, new laughs to laugh. Psst, maybe you should book something today! Hahaha!

Just want to say that whether we are in a surf camp in France or Morocco or somewhere else, there is always waves to surf. Cheers!
goodbye taghazout see u next year

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Sun is making us happy


sunrise at anchor point, MoroccoWoah, it was foggy for a week at least. Grey fog kept our mood also grey, honestly. We wanted sun, we needed sun, but it wasn’t there to help us.

But last night I saw a dream how sky was happy blue, endless blue, clean and pure sky with ever-awesome sun. And then I woke up and it was there, beautiful sky. It just brings clear happiness into you, just to see the yellow glowing and importantly warm sun caressing your body. Just like paradise. Paradise in the soul.

A trip to Paradise Valley


To escape seemingly endless April-slash-spring fog that has been trapped in Taghazout for couple of days already, we decided to rent two cars and make a trip to Paradise Valley to check out some local lakes and just hike a little bit for a good health. To get change from the surf camp scene.

Place itself is not far from Taghazout, just 40 kilometers, but the road is gets smaller and smaller by every kilometer you come closer to the valley. At some point it is all dusty road along the mountain cliffs and when someone comes from opposite direction you have to find a enough space to squeeze through.

Anyway, we went and sun came out already after 10 kilometers from Taghazout. Awesome were thinking. Sun is all we need.(And some food and water). Didn’t have music in the car and radio wasn’t working between the hills. So we left with our own voices. Someone clapped, someone made backbeat and everybody else was singing along to the song someone started. 🙂

But once were there and parked our car, we started our small hike. First time we went there we got lost, but this time we make it better, for sure.

At the beginning of the trail there are some orange juice sellers who can squeeze you a fresh drink for 10 dirhams, there are also some lakes you can swim in already for lazy walkers, but it is also crowded. We wanted our own spot.

people covering themselves from a hot sun

So we hiked, we hiked slowly. Sun was taking our sweat and hills took our breath. We passed couple of lakes full of people, but we kept going until we reached to the end of the known valley and there it was. Small clear lake with chilly water.

diving from a cliff at paradise valley

There we settled down for a whole day, swimming and sunbathing, swimming and drinking hot mint tea, sunbathing and jumping from the cliff and napping in the sun. Oh, it felt great, just let your body to be in the sun. Sun therapy all over. Hehehe.

Mint tea and smiles

Everybody was satisfied, feeling great, everybody was happy.