Surfing Morocco 2014-2015

This year surf season in Morocco starts to end. Couple of more days and then fini. We clean up the house, or we¬†actually have done it pretty much. We remove all the wax from the surf boards, we gonna remove all the leashes.We wash all the wetsuits and we gonna fix broken parts of the […]

Sun is making us happy

Woah, it was foggy for a week at least. Grey fog kept our mood also grey, honestly. We wanted sun, we needed sun, but it wasn’t there to help us. But last night I saw a dream how sky was happy blue, endless blue, clean and pure sky with ever-awesome sun. And then I woke […]

A trip to Paradise Valley

To escape seemingly endless April-slash-spring fog that has been trapped in Taghazout for couple of days already, we decided to rent two cars and make a trip to Paradise Valley to check out some local lakes and just hike a little bit for a good health. To get change from the surf camp scene. Place […]