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When surf is not up


skatepark in seignosseSo, quiet in the surf camp and we decided to go skatepark with Sebastian. Couple of beers, guitar and our longboards. We met some really cool guys from Australia and Italy. And local French guy did some pretty amazing tricks with his massive board. So smooth and flowing. Nice to watch.

Music for your surf vibe


Some of the most beautiful tracks to keep your summer surf vibe going.

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Surf in France


image of a sandy beach in France

Beautiful summer is waiting you in France.  Calm, sunny, no breeze. Time to learn to surf. Visit out surf camp in Seignosse, France. Refreshing surf holiday. That’s what it is.


4 Things You Need in Life


four things you need in life: peace, love, money, waves

Four things you need in life. Easy.

Finally waves. You want to surf it.


nicely breaking waves in France

Weeks it has been huge mess in the ocean. Big fat waves crashing in the sand. And crazy wind blowing your head off. But now, today there are some beautiful barrels landing on the beach of seignosse. I know you want to surf it.

Surfer’s thing nr 15 – lovely wipeouts


surfers thing number 15 wipeouts

Most wipeouts are hardly anything special or dangerous. Wipeout is more similar to a flying squirrel launching off the board. Certainly it looks funny. Because it is uncertain and unknown, it makes you kind of fall in love with them. You have to let yourself go. You can’t do anything about wipeouts. You just fall. Free fall. So we just embrace them.

Easy beach clean up karma yoga


clean seignosse beach surf camp in France and MoroccoIt is not hard to keep beaches clean. Here are our we are doing it.

  1. Go down to the beach and enjoy your surf, tanning or other beach activity
  2. On the way back from the beach, when you notice trash in the sand, grab it and throw it in the trash.

You don’t have to haul bags of trash from the beach, only one or two pieces. But if you do it every time you walk back and if almost everyone does it beaches will be clean and safe environment.

Make a difference!

Surf season 2015 in Seignosse


guys with surf boards in seignosse, franceDo you have any plans for summer? Well, I give you idea. You should spend summer surfing in south of France. In Seignosse. Imagine, how cool is that? With all the other cool surf dudes and girls. Get some salt into your hair, wear shorts and flipflops. Get brown and tanned all over the body. Wake in the morning to get some waves, have breakfast and then go get some more waves, girls taking surf lessons, Franceafternoon nap and then more waves, lunch, dinner, more and more waves and ocean and salt and sand.

Oh you don’t know how to surf, no worries, mate. We will teach you, our surf teachers will teach you and trust me, you will have fun from the first moment you get on the board. Oh you know how to surf, well then grab your board or rent from us and we we provide you with accommodation and food. Easy.

  • One week accommodation with breakfast and dinner included is only 250 euros.
  • One week accommodation and food with three days of surf lessons is just 425 euros.

Book your surf camp holiday today.

It will be awesome summer on France full of surf and parties and waves and surf. Amazing eh!

pre surf yoga

Sofie, the dog


girls taking surf lessons

sunset surf in france

guys on the beach

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Sunday after surf music


We had some really nice waves here in Seignosse. Bodyboarders had barreles, young boys were doing amazing aerials and longboarders their nose rides. Sand was hot. Perfect Sunday. Now we sit and listen some Burkinabè music. Good to finish your this weeks surf with some mandinka tunes from Victor Démé. We talk about our dreams, where we gonna surf next time. Maybe somewhere deep in African coast.