Take a step closer to perfect surf day

When surf is not up


skatepark in seignosseSo, quiet in the surf camp and we decided to go skatepark with Sebastian. Couple of beers, guitar and our longboards. We met some really cool guys from Australia and Italy. And local French guy did some pretty amazing tricks with his massive board. So smooth and flowing. Nice to watch.

A trip to Paradise Valley


To escape seemingly endless April-slash-spring fog that has been trapped in Taghazout for couple of days already, we decided to rent two cars and make a trip to Paradise Valley to check out some local lakes and just hike a little bit for a good health. To get change from the surf camp scene.

Place itself is not far from Taghazout, just 40 kilometers, but the road is gets smaller and smaller by every kilometer you come closer to the valley. At some point it is all dusty road along the mountain cliffs and when someone comes from opposite direction you have to find a enough space to squeeze through.

Anyway, we went and sun came out already after 10 kilometers from Taghazout. Awesome were thinking. Sun is all we need.(And some food and water). Didn’t have music in the car and radio wasn’t working between the hills. So we left with our own voices. Someone clapped, someone made backbeat and everybody else was singing along to the song someone started. 🙂

But once were there and parked our car, we started our small hike. First time we went there we got lost, but this time we make it better, for sure.

At the beginning of the trail there are some orange juice sellers who can squeeze you a fresh drink for 10 dirhams, there are also some lakes you can swim in already for lazy walkers, but it is also crowded. We wanted our own spot.

people covering themselves from a hot sun

So we hiked, we hiked slowly. Sun was taking our sweat and hills took our breath. We passed couple of lakes full of people, but we kept going until we reached to the end of the known valley and there it was. Small clear lake with chilly water.

diving from a cliff at paradise valley

There we settled down for a whole day, swimming and sunbathing, swimming and drinking hot mint tea, sunbathing and jumping from the cliff and napping in the sun. Oh, it felt great, just let your body to be in the sun. Sun therapy all over. Hehehe.

Mint tea and smiles

Everybody was satisfied, feeling great, everybody was happy.

Two weeks of Western Sahara


We have been in Western Sahara with Ben for two weeks. On the last days we found finally a sweet spot to surf. Waves were shoulder high, there was nobody except some fishermen and beach full of dead crabs. We surfed 6 hours in a row, because once you arrived to the end of the wave, you jump out and then run back to the point, you jump back in and then do that for the rest of the surf session. standing in the dessert

campfire with locals and chill waves


We were sitting yesterday at the at the camp fire with arabics from Casablanca. We were drinking some sweet wine. Rachid brought out his ukulele and played us some sahara music.

There was not much power in the waves, but we still climbed into water and tried to surf.

To the ice cream.surfing a small wave

helpful saharawi Muhammed


One saharawi Muhammed came to me at yesterday night and brought mattress and blanket from his tent so I wouldn’t be freezing. I said tranquilo, because I had sleeping bag and a blanket already.

Next morning I went drink tea at his tent. He had five kittens climbing around.

We arrived to Dahkla


We arrived to Dahkla after driving more than 900 kilometers from Taghazout. City is calm. Nobody is trying to sell you something. Sweets are cheap and food is cheap. But we still prepared our own tagine. One potato, one tomato, one onion and 300 grams of chicken was about 1 euro and 60 cents.

There is pretty girl working at the ice cream stall. She doesn’t have much power to scoop cold ice cream. When her brother is working we get more ice cream.

End of the world


Wester Sahara. Rocky landscape and couple of bushes. I have been sleeping every night outside. They tell me about scorpions and snakes and about other animals, but I only notice strong winds at night. And during the day we look for the waves. We were almost jumping into water, but one guy in military suit came up to tell us that it is forbidden. With sad faces we kept driving towards Dahkla.

Couple of days later one guy from Barbados told us that military is doing lot of smuggling there and so they don’t like foreigners surfing there.longboarding on empty road