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Kick-ass hot weather in Seignosse


It is sometimes nice to have hot weather that you sweat like crazy. You don’t do anything, you don’t move, you just lay and enjoy relaxing body. You have to relax, even thinking can make you sweat. Just relax. It is like almost meditation in its own way. Just be and don’t fight with the hot weather.

week weather table in seignosse

You can’t stop waves


picture with a quote you cant stop the waves coming, but you can choose which ones to surf

International Surfing Day


Hey guys and girls, if you already didn’t know, then yesterday on 20th of June was International Surfing Day celebrating sport and lifestyle of surfing with different activities like beach cleanups(because almost every surfer cares about the ocean and is environmentalist in their heart), barbeques, surf contests and film screenings.

Yeah and all we did were surfing at the Le Penon beach all day, this is how we celebrated. Waves were fat and slow, so some of us had 6’8” NSP pink Surf Betty surf board. Quite fun and beautiful. And evening was rewarded with sunset and sky full of warm colours.

Anyway, here is a cookie for reading and keep on surfing, ’cause life is better when you surf.

guys surfing at the lepenon

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Looking for summer holiday?


summer holiday

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girl standing up on the pink surfboard

Surfing is like mafia


Surfing is like mafia, once you are in, you are in - quote by kelly slater

Surfing is like mafia, once you are in, you are in. #kellyslater

When surf is big in Capbreton


picture of Capbreton beach with surfers

Every morning for three mornings in a row we have been waking up at 6.20 to get into car and look for some early morning surf. So we check Les Estagnots, we check Le Penon, we check La Graviere and Capbreton Sud and finally we end up at La Plage de Piste where we have been ending every day, twice a day, because it seems to be only spot working with heavy waves just like right now. First day was amazing and hard, second day we didn’t got even out to the line up, so we surfed side beach and third day we went, but not in. Surf wasn’t calling us. Many million people trying to catch waves and then crashing on top of each other. Didn’t seem fun. Many beginners and many rippers.